Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thought of the Day !!

Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit.         
                                                                            Romans 7:6 (NLT)

We are not bound by the letter of the law and its penalties when we accept Jesus as our Savior.  He died to pay the penalty for us.

Instead we live in the Holy Spirit.  Or you might say that God’s Holy Spirit lives within us.  That’s what we mean when we say that Jesus is in our hearts.

This does not discard the law, however, because God’s moral law guides His Spirit, which in turn guides us.  This is, I believe, what Jesus meant when he said that he didn’t come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it.

If Jesus lives within us through the Holy Spirit, can we simply disregard God’s moral laws, such as the ones found in the Ten Commandments?  I don’t think we can.  We may not always remain faithful to keeping the moral law, or what’s right in God’s eyes.  But when we fail, we feel bad.  We are not penalized like in the Old Testament.  We are forgiven.  But we know we’ve done something wrong and don’t want to continue.  This is living in the Spirit.

In the love of Christ,


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