Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thought of the Day !!

At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
                            Luke 21:27 (NIV)

There will come a day, sometime in our future, maybe today, maybe a thousand years from today, but there will come a day.  This is the day when Jesus will return.  

Why do I mention this during our time of celebrating the birth of Jesus a couple thousand years ago?  It's because as we celebrate his humble birth, we should also be preparing for his Second Coming. 

Jesus came the first time very humbly.  He was born into a cold damp cave that would have been used as a stable.  There were commoners there to greet him into this world.  There were smells of a barnyard and critters that you wouldn't find in a nice warm hotel.  His first worshipers were smelly shepherds, and his first night's sleep was in a manger, of feeding box.  

He came humbly, and he lived humbly.  He taught us to be humble as well.  He did miraculous things.  And then he died a criminal's death for our sins.  His birth, life and death was all about serving us.  But the next time we see him it will be another story.

When he comes back he will be coming in the clouds and people all around the world will see.  He will come with power and might and save the faithful from persecution and heartache.  He will take those who've been faithful to him with him to the perfect place that he has been preparing for us.  

Prepare yourself.  As you celebrate the birth, prepare yourself to meet the beloved Christ.  Live for him.  Be ready to die for him.  And soon enough we will all meet him in person.  On that day, may he share these words with you.  "Well done good and faithful servant.  Well done."

In the love of Christ,


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