Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Thought of the Day !!

Jesus is the one referred to in the Scriptures, where it says, "The stone that you builders rejected has now become the cornerstone."  There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.
                                    Acts 4:11-12 (NLT)

Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?"  Though Jesus did not answer him directly, he did give the answer earlier to his disciples.  He said that he was the way, the truth and the life.  So the answer to the question, "What is truth" is Jesus. 

We live in a world where people embrace diversity.  While this is a good thing, there is no diversity when it comes to truth.  There are those today who believe that we can all have our different versions of the truth.  There are those who might say, "Well that might be true for you but not for me."  The fact is that there cannot be one truth for you and another for me, for that would make one of the truths a lie.  

Truth is just that...it's truth.  It's true and dependable.  It is what's right.  And it's found in Christ Jesus.

Jesus was the only begotten Son of God the Father.  This means that He was not created by God.  He lived.  He died to defeat death.  He rose to restore life.  He will come again and judge the world.  Those who follow the truth will go with Him and live with Him eternally.  Those who ignore truth, or try to determine their own truth will be condemned to Hell.  Now the only real thing that I know about Hell is this.  God will not be there.  And where there is no God, there is no love, for God is Love.  

Salvation is about coming to the truth or what is right for us.  Salvation is about being saved from lies that lead nowhere.  Salvation is not about getting a ticket to Heaven.  It's about getting to know, and falling in love with Jesus.  For if we don't love the Truth (Jesus) then we won't love Heaven.  

The truth is simply that salvation comes only through Jesus.  All other ways lead to an unknown, but sad end.  Come to know the Truth.  Come to love Jesus.  Come to know that all is forgiven and that you can abide in perfect love and peace and joy.

In the love of Christ,



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