Friday, October 23, 2015

Thought of the Day !!

God's way seems foolish to the Jews because they want a sign from heaven to prove it is true. And it is foolish to the Greeks because they believe only what agrees with their own wisdom. So when we preach that Christ was crucified, the Jews are offended, and the Gentiles say it's all nonsense. But to those called by God to salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, Christ is the mighty power of God and the wonderful wisdom of God. This "foolish" plan of God is far wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God's weakness is far stronger than the greatest of human strength. 1 Corinthians 1:22-25
To an unbeliever in Paul's day, the message of God coming to earth in the form of a man to suffer and die for the sins of the world must have sounded foolish.  I suppose nothing has changed though.  Many today have a hard time believing in a loving God when there's so many bad things going on in our world.  Many have a hard time grasping how a person can be 100 percent human and at the same time 100 percent God.  Others can't understand how any being has simply always existed without having a beginning.  And so the message of the cross is foolish to them who are perishing, for they simply cannot believe.

The problem is that much too often we try to package things up into something we can understand so that we can believe.  But faith is not logically thinking things through until they make sense.  Faith is believing even when we don't understand or comprehend.  

We'll never completely understand the totality of God's wisdom.  And that's alright.  We don't have to.  We simply have to have faith.

In the love of Christ,



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