Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thought of the (Tax) Day !!

Inspirational illustration of Romans 13:6-7

Happy Tax Day!!  I say this as I prepare to sign the sheet for my tax refund from federal that will be used to pay my CPA and state taxes.  Joy of joys.  So why do I say Happy Tax Day?

First, I say Happy Tax Day!! because if you are paying taxes it means you have a job.  There are many today that don't work for a variety of reasons including laziness, disabilities, too young or too old.  But many today have families to support and have been laid off or fired.  They need work and have had a difficult time finding a job or when a job becomes available they are underqualified or overqualified.  Or the job the get just isn't enough to pay the bills.  I'm happy today to have a job where I'm paid, and paid adequately.

Second, I say Happy Tax Day!! because we live in a system where elected officials (whether you voted for them or not) govern us.  According to Paul they are God's servants.  If you have a difficult time believing that our government could ever be servants of God then I'm sure you are right there with the people Paul spoke who weren't too keen on the Romans who governed them either.  Yet Paul still said it.  Was he a liar?  No.  They are God's servants.  And just like all of us they have the ability to choose which way they serve.  And just like all of us they will be rewarded in Heaven or judged accordingly for how they've served.

Finally, I say Happy Tax Day!! because as the Psalmist writes and we sing sometimes on Sunday mornings, "This is the Day that the Lord has made!  Let us rejoice and glad in it!"  Find good in each and every day my friends.  And find ways to share that good with others today.

In the love of Christ,


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