Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thought of the Day !!

He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.
                                                                            Isaiah 50:4 (NIV)

I know how hard it can be to get up in the morning sometimes.  But whether the alarm clock goes off and we jump out of bed, or we wear out the snooze button (like I did this morning), we are waking each day to a new and glorious day that our Lord has made.  There are so many possibilities for it at that moment.  It can be a day where we make a difference...where we share the good news of Christ...where we help someone out of a jam...where we notice the beauty of God's handiwork.  

At that point we don't know the outcome of the day.  We might fail, winding up frustrated at the end of the day.  Or we might have such a glorious day that we're smiling all the way to bedtime.  But no matter how the day ends, we need to know that it's God who is there when we awaken.  And it's God who will show us the opportunities to succeed.  He's there when we wake to speak to us if we will only listen.  

Let today, and everyday, begin with your Lord, and you'll soon find out that they all start getting better.  

In the love of Christ,


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