Monday, April 20, 2015

Thought of the Day !!

When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out. And get into the habit of inviting guests home for dinner or, if they need lodging, for the night. 
                                  Romans 12:13 (NLT)

This may seem like a foreign idea to many of us.  Many of us eat on the run so much that we don't think about inviting guests home for dinner.  We surely don't often think about people we know needing lodging and are hesitant of making our place of residence a homeless shelter.

The concept here is hospitality.  How might you show hospitality to people today?  Look for ways, not forgetting that being hospitable can often times be inconvenient.  Are you willing to give up a little to give a little?  God was!  As a matter of fact, He gave up a lot!

In the love of Christ,



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