Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thought of the Day !!

            Finally [the priests and Levites] said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?
            John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’
                                                                        John 1:22-23 (NIV)

God has a plan for each one of us.  Often times this plan is unknown to us.  But I do believe that we can understand the basics of who we are and what we are to be about.  We glean this by seeking our gifts, our passions and God’s will. 

John knew exactly what he was here for.  He went on to tell the people that the Messiah was in their midst and that they didn’t know him yet.  You see, his purpose was to come onto the scene and get the people’s attention so that he could point to the one who would save the world.  He was to be the precursor to Jesus. 

Did John always know exactly where God was leading him?  Was his life mapped out so that he knew exactly what decision to make at every turn?  I doubt it.  I figure God gave him his gifts and a passion for God that would lead him to this moment in history where he could be used.  The one thing I feel pretty confident about is that John had faith in God and sought God’s ways continuously. 

This is where we need to find ourselves.  Has your faith in God’s ability or willingness to guide you into your purpose in this life faltered?  Has life itself gotten in the way leaving you less and less time to convene with God and seek His ways for you? 

I hope that we will all seek God’s wisdom and His guidance as we go through our week.  Maybe He’s just waiting for us to pay attention and have the faith to hear what our ears sometimes don’t want to hear.  And maybe…just maybe…He’s already put that passion in you so that if will just listen, He will show you how to live it out faithfully. 

In the love of Christ,


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