Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Thought of the Day !!

When the people saw how long it was taking Moses to come back down the mountain, they gathered around Aaron. “Come on,” they said, “make us some gods who can lead us.  We don’t know what happened to this fellow Moses, who brought us here from the land of Egypt.”
                           Exodus 32:1 (NLT)
Moses was up on Mount Sinai receiving the Law for God’s people.  He was there on their behalf finalizing the covenant between God and Israel where God had already promised to be their God and take care of them.  But down below something horrible was taking place.  The people had lost patience and within a forty-day span had already become spiritual adulterers.  They were ready to cheat on God.
They come to Aaron, who’s been put in charge in Moses’ absence, and demand that he make them some gods.  First of all, how many gods do they need?  Is one not enough?  Surely this idea came from the Egyptians who might have had several idols of gods in their households.  

We see how impatience can lead to sinful behavior.  They had been waiting a mere few weeks and were giving up on God because He had done nothing for them lately.  In our own case, Jesus has been gone for 2000 years.  And impatience has led many to forgetting that He teaches us how to behave and love others.  We abandon Jesus’ ways for our own in many instances and bring disappointment and maybe even anger to God just like the Israelites did.

How has impatience led you to sinful behavior?  

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